Hiss Golden Messenger


DLMC is excited to bring Hiss Golden Messenger to Davis for one of only a handful of northern California solo shows this spring. He will be supported by the hauntingly talented Molly Sarlé.

Describing the Durham, NC – based Hiss Golden Messenger (singer/songwriter M.C. Taylor) is like trying to grasp a forgotten word: It’s always on the tip of your tongue, but hard to speak. His music is at once familiar, yet impossible to categorize: Elements from the American songbook— the steady, churning acoustic guitar and mandolin, the gospel emotion, the eerie steel guitar tracings, the bobbing and weaving organ and electric piano—provide the bedrock for Taylor’s existential ruminations about parenthood, joy, hope, and loneliness—our delicate, tightrope balance of dark and light—that offer fully engaged contemporary commentary on the present. And then there’s an indescribable spirit and movement: Hiss Golden Messenger’s music grooves. There’s nothing else quite like it.

For over ten years, Taylor has spearheaded this prolific, perpetually evolving group. He’s toured and recorded relentlessly, earning devotees along the roads, deep in festival pits, and across the seas, delivering earnest performances that morph from jammy freakout to private prayer in a matter of measures.

“The work that I do requires me to be in a certain emotional place,” says Taylor. “My music depends first and foremost on being in a heightened emotional state and putting my vulnerability on display.”

Music starts at 8pm, doors open at 7pm. Unitarian Universalist Church, 27074 Patwin Road. $20 online / $25 at the door.