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He is also reproached with having hastened the execution of a soldier for whom he had reason to believe a pardon was preparing. By Abdallah's advice the expedition was abandoned; Fesal hastened back with all his forces to Riad, and invested the citadel where Masharah had taken refuge, but failed to gain possession of it, until Abdallah with two companions found his way into the palace, killed Masharah, and placed Fesal on the throne of his father. Brontes floated down the chamber, his blue flames occasionally leaping out to aid the remaining elves, Hello, Jones, where are you going? inland, and in 1817 the ruin of Bantam was hastened by a fire. Please Log in or Register or post as a guest. Having crossed the Euphrates he hastened to make himself master of Parthia; but he was defeated at Carrhae (53 B.C.) You may have an easier time writing sentences with hasten if you know what words are likely to come before or after it, or simply what words are often found in the same sentence. There were unmistakable signs of hastened activity: guards lined up to draw horses from the stables while several more hurried from their posts atop a wall to the area near Sirian. First he attempted to hold Vienna against the imperial troops, and, after the capitulation, hastened to Pressburg to offer his services to Kossuth, first defending himself, in a long memorial, from the accusations of treachery to the Polish cause and of aristocratic tendencies which the more fanatical section of the Polish emigrant Radicals repeatedly brought against him. Charlemagne hastened to Rome to support Leo, and on Christmas Day, 800, was crowned emperor by the pope. Then, full of joy, the musician hastened to Corinth, not stopping even to change his dress. Sentence using the word hastened. Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense hastens, present participle hastening, past tense, past participle hastened 1. verb If you hasten an event or process, often an unpleasant one, you make it happen faster or sooner. The feeling that his immense services had not won for him either the gratitude or confidence of his sovereign hastened his end. Kalnky desired that both the terms of the treaty and the fact of its conclusion should remain secret, but Bismarck and Mancini hastened to hint at its existence, the former in the Reichstag on the 12th of June 1882, and the latter in the Italian semi-official press. Morphine and hastened … Acting on the advice of Bismarck, the prince asked for a short leave of absence, resigned his commission in the Prussian army on crossing the frontier, and hastened down the Danube to Rumania, under a feigned name and with a false passport. What does hastened mean? His vexation at this loss is said to have hastened his death. The failure of Joseph's " enlightened " policy in Hungary was inevitable in any case; it was hastened by the disastrous Turkish war of 1787-92, which withdrew Joseph altogether from domestic affairs; and on his death-bed (Feb. Keep calm, I will call again tomorrow, said Metivier; and putting his fingers to his lips he hastened away. These jac queries hastened the movement of the regular revolution. But the end of hunger also will be hastened by a host of Internet technologies that will dramatically change agriculture. hastened to add, for she had turned rather white. 62. hastened in English translation and definition "hastened", Dictionary English-English online. Rather more than two years later Shirguh persuaded Nureddin to put him at the head of another expedition to Egypt, which left Syria in January 1167, and, entering Egypt by the land route, crossed the Nile at Itfib (Atfih), and encamped at Giza; a Frankish army hastened to Shgwars aid. Oenone soon repented and hastened after him, but finding that she was too late to save him slew herself from grief at the sight of his dead body. The magnificence of its mosques and other public buildings, the number of its schools, and the extent of its warehouses shed lustre on the city; but wealth and luxury began to undermine its prosperity, and its ruin was hastened by the conduct of the Moslem refugees from Spain. en.wiktionary.2016 [verb] simple past tense and past participle of [i]hasten[/i] Lemmas. He died at Langham on the 9th of August 1848, his death being hastened by news of the loss of his son by shipwreck. Women also have an important role to play in harvesting the honey, brewing mez, and carrying out small scale beekeeping in cooperation with friends and neighbours. Everyone in the courtroom started talking at once, the newspaper reporters pushing through the crowd, So she set out towards La Huchette, not seeing that she was, She has reduced the ocean almost to a desert; and she seems, He followed closely after her, and as he reconnoitered from the shadows of the doorway he saw that all the women of the village were, Should Providence in this case award death, there was no sin in contemplating death as the desirable issue—if he kept his hands from. Words … This website focus on english words and example sentences, so everyone can learn how to use them. Per tale motivo il Parlamento europeo si è affrettato ad adottare il trattato di Prüm prima dell'estate. The pope who had previously recognized the victorious Philip, hastened to return to the side of Otto; the capitulation of Neuss was renewed and large concessions were made to the church. Murad' hastened back to Europe and met his enemies on the field of Kossovo (1389). Click to adopt the word hastened. Definition of sable a weasel-like mammal with warm fur that is often used to make clothing Examples of sable in a sentence The sable is best known for its soft pelt, making it a popular and valuable mammal for the fur industry. 2. Already crumbling buildings are pelted with projectiles and then torched, In a few minutes the young man, disguised as a Wallachian peasant, was, Then we are in the same position? He effected a temporary adjustment of the Jansenist controversy; was instrumental in concluding the peace of Aix-laChapelle (1668); healed a long-standing breach between the Holy See and Portugal; aided Venice against the Turks, and laboured unceasingly for the relief of Crete, the fall of which hastened his death on the 9th of October 1669. 41. He hastened at once to Arretium, the termination of the western high road to the north, to protect the passes of the Apennines, but was defeated and killed at the battle of the Trasimene lake (see Punic Wars) . Hasten definition, to move or act with haste; proceed with haste; hurry: to hasten to a place. Here are some examples. Context sentences for "hastened" in French. After some delay, and with manifest reluctance, the Scots complied; their hand was forced by the fact that most of the claimants to the crown had hastened to make the acknowledgment, each hoping thereby to prejudice the English king in his own favor. Rhymes Near rhymes Synonyms / Related Phrases [Mentions] Phrase rhymes Descriptive words Definitions Similar sound Same consonants Immediately after the issue of the charter a few of the more adroit directors of the Amsterdam Chamber hastened to acquire for themselves, as patroons, the tracts of land most favourably situated for trade. English This is what the European Union, hastened by the crisis, is beginning to do. The fund This final indignity seems to have hastened Niccolò's death sentence. After a period of prosperity, internal disturbances broke out and the northern kingdom hastened to its fall. 107 85 One after another they hasten to display their insignificance before him. Examples of 'hasten' in a sentence hasten. It's difficult to see vexation in a sentence . He had, by this time, reached his dwelling, on the edge of the burial-ground, and, Where the foreleg of King Billy's horse pawed the air Mrs Breen plucked her, And he had not even the time for deliberation, so great was the fury with which the scene before his eyes was. hastened in a sentence - Use "hastened" in a sentence 1. Some argue that it hastened the end of the Cold War. But when, in 147, Scipio himself took the command in Africa, Polybius hastened to join him, and was an eye-witness of the siege and destruction of Carthage. The foundation of Seleucia in its neighbourhood, however, drew away the population of the old city and hastened its material decay. en.wiktionary.org . See more. Immediately after his coronation, he hastened to his newly won territories, accompanied by the principal civil and ecclesiastical dignitaries of Denmark, and was solemnly acknowledged lord of Northalbingia (the district lying between the Eider and the Elbe) at Lubeck, Otto IV., then in difficulties, voluntarily relinquishing all German territory north of the Elbe to Valdemar, who in return recognized Otto as German emperor. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Some argue that it hastened the end of the Cold War. I came here seeking my ruin, and said to myself, ‘What does it matter?’ in my cowardliness, but she, after five years in torment, as soon as any one says a word from the heart to her—it makes her forget everything, forgive everything, in her tears! At the outbreak of the French Revolution, he was stationed at Valenciennes, where he contrived for a time to keep order, and facilitated the escape of the French emigres by way of Namur; but, in 1790, he hastened back to Paris to assist the king. Great Britain hastened to re-knit the bonds of her ancient friendship with Turkey; the powers, without exception, professed their sympathy with the new regime. UN-2. died, his end hastened by chagrin at the utter failure of his wellmeant efforts, and was succeeded by Leopold II. Hastened example sentences, listen the pronunciation, easily copy & paste. Show More Sentences The collaboration, initiated two years ago, focuses on developing a customised harvester for the efficient, large-scale harvesting of castor beans in Latin America. To move or act swiftly. When, therefore, in August 1807, Gambier arrived in the Sound, and the English plenipotentiary Francis James Jackson, not perhaps the most tactful person that could have been chosen, hastened to Kiel to place the British demands before the crown prince, Frederick not only refused to negotiate, but ordered the Copenhagen authorities to put the city in the best state of defence possible. From him he learned that amid the rocks was a chasm communicating with purgatory, from which rose perpetually the groans of tortured souls, the hermit asserting that he had also heard the demons complaining of the efficacy of the prayers of the faithful, and especially of the monks of Cluny, in rescuing their victims. But his Hungarian allies hastened to his assistance, and the mediation of the Holy See restored peace in 1346. Italian action was hastened by news that, in December 1884, an exploring party under Signor Bianchi, royal commissioner for Assab, had been massacred in the Aussa (Danakil) country, an event which aroused in Italy a desire to punish the assassins and to obtain satisfaction for the still unpunished massacre of Signor Giulietti and his companions. In amalgamating without the use of chemicals, finely divided iron, worn from the shoes and dies in the stamp-mill and the pan, decomposes cerargyrite and argentite, and the liberated silver is taken up by the quicksilver; the process is hastened by adding salt. You can use it anywhere it makes sense. He hastened home, and at the head of a great army entered Scotland in July 1298. Such was the characteristic of Helen’s discourse on that, to me, memorable evening; her spirit seemed, I did not, however, linger long on hearing this; but, Suddenly a noise roused his attention, and on the far side of a field on his left hand he could see six or seven men in smock-frocks with hay-forks in their hands making an offensive approach towards the four railway agents who were facing them, while Caleb Garth and his assistant were, At the battle of Borodinó, when Bagratión was killed and nine tenths of the men of our left flank had fallen and the full force of the French artillery fire was directed against it, the man sent there was this same irresolute and undiscerning Dokhtúrov—Kutúzov, Though, in deference to her masculine advisers, she had refrained from what Sir James had called "interfering in this Bulstrode business," the hardship of Lydgate's position was continually in her mind, and when Bulstrode applied to her again about the hospital, she felt that the opportunity was come to her which she had been hindered from, What type of love are you going to bring, to be, to practice in these times when many are, The young gentleman soon discerned the symptoms of a reconciliation in my softened looks, and, And here he observed he thought, if his correspondence with the British Envoy, which afforded evidence of "continued hostility" towards us, furnished matter of sufficient importance to press upon Congress the utility of, Almost she tripped over their carelessly-flung-out and forgotten feet, and greatly startled and embarrassed, besides being really sorry to have disturbed what was, after all, one of the most interesting moments of life, she stammered something apologetic, and with bowed head and eyes discreetly lowered was. When a person is wet, that process is hastened dramatically. The aims of Owen were described by himself in a letter addressed to Charles VI., king of France, who had hastened to acknowledge the upstart as Prince of Wales and had sent 12,000 troops on his behalf to Milford Haven. Women also have an important role to play in harvesting the honey, brewing mez, and carrying out small scale beekeeping in cooperation with friends and neighbours. The refusal of the king of Sweden to marry into her family unless the bride would become a Lutheran is said to have thrown her into a convulsion of rage which hastened her death. Elinor hastened to reassure him. As we hastened through the long grass toward the hammock, the grasshoppers swarmed about us and fastened themselves on our clothes, and I remember that my teacher insisted upon picking them all off before we sat down, which seemed to me an unnecessary waste of time. (1) Robert hastened on. He entered Naples on the 27th; but meanwhile Manfred had fled and had raised a considerable force; and the news of his initial successes against the papal troops reached Innocent as he lay sick and hastened his end. The growth of the lace industry in the 17th century hastened the process by leading to the substitution of broad bands of lace as decoration; occasionally, as in a magnificent specimen preserved at South Kensington, nearly half the vestment is thus Apparelled Alb in the South Kensington Museum. On his release Consalvi hastened to his master's assistance; and he was soon after allowed to resume his functions under the restored pontificate at Rome. v.tr. Forty times, it is said, he read through the Metaphysics of Aristotle, till the words were imprinted on his memory; but their meaning was hopelessly obscure, until one day they found illumination from the little commentary by Farabi, which he bought at a bookstall for the small sum of three dirhems. How to use hasten in a sentence. Rostov and Ilyin hastened to find a corner where they could change into dry clothes without offending Mary Hendrikhovna's modesty. Hundreds of Swedish volunteers hastened to Schleswig-Holstein. Austria hastened to repudiate her guarantee to Denmark in order not to offend the new emperor of Russia, Peter III., and one of Peter's first acts on ascending the throne was to declare war against Denmark. This process can be hastened by additions of mown heather seed capsules, application of topsoil or by laying heathland turves. On the 25th of April he made his will, on the 27th he received the Little Council, and on the 28th the Genevan ministers, in his sick-room; on the 2nd of May he wrote his last letter - to his old comrade Farel, who hastened from Neuchatel to see him once again. The act shocked the religious conscience of western Asia; the subsequent murder of Sennacherib was held to be an expiation of it, and his successor Esarhaddon hastened to rebuild the old city, to receive there his crown, and make it his residence during part of the year. Even at this early period he had conceived the idea of founding a physical and chemical scientific journal, and the realization of this plan was hastened by the sudden death of L. Failing to take it, he hastened west and at Bath received the submission of Wessex. Hasten definition: If you hasten an event or process, often an unpleasant one, you make it happen faster or... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples in hasten in a sentence - Use "in hasten" in a sentence 1. Definition and high quality example sentences with “hastened” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English 2. Simple past tense and past participle of hasten. Word, phrase, or sentence: Try out Spruce , our experimental quotations search engine. In November 1640 the Long Parliament succeeded to the Short, and sent Laud and Strafford to the Tower, and Hobbes, who had become, or thought he had become, a marked man by the circulation of his treatise (of which, " though not printed, many gentlemen had copies "), hastened to Paris, " the first of all that fled.". There has been some discussion as to the fairness of the treatment accorded by Pascal to his rivals, but no question of the fact that his initiative led to a great extension of our knowledge of the properties of the cycloid, and indirectly hastened the progress of the differential calculus. Meaning of hastened. Hastened make sentence in a simple sentence - 19585961 Gopika990 is waiting for your help. and hastened to replace Marshals Berwick and Villars by diplomatists. The disobedience of his favourite Ottavio hastened the death of the old pope (Nov. From Italy, on hearing of the revolution of 1848, he hastened to Paris, whence he afterwards went to Switzerland. (10) He bowed and : 5. Asked by Wiki User. 3. The process was even hastened; for the emperor's stern discipline crushed out all independence of initiative and silenced all honest criticism. Hasten definition is - to move or act quickly. Sentence using the word hastened. The soldiers who had carried Prince Andrew had noticed and taken the little gold icon Princess Mary had hung round her brother's neck, but seeing the favor the Emperor showed the prisoners, they now hastened to return the holy image. Urban's bull was once more promulgated, at the council of Vienne in 1311, by 1 The pope's decision, so the story goes, was hastened by a miracle. Wherever Valmiki has condensed, Tulsi Das has expanded, and wherever the elder poet has lingered longest, there his successor has hastened on most rapidly. 5. His return was hastened by reports that the Turks, whose cause he was upholding in Arabia, were treacherously planning an invasion of Egypt. At once he hastened north against Canute, Sweyn's son, who claimed to succeed his father, but Canute sailed away, only to return next year, when the traitor Edric joined him and Wessex submitted. Examples of hastened in a sentence: 1. Translations in context of "HAS HASTENED" in english-finnish. Learn more. 2. Thereupon the various Bulgarian columns echeloned back to the right of this division, hastened their march, and part of the 3rd Div. 2015-09-01 04:12:49 2015-09-01 04:12:49. My heart has become full of grief for the feast of Mynyddog, I have lost too many of my true kinsmen. to the p~irlement of Paris which, proud of playing a part in politics, hastened, contrary to Louis XIII.s last will, to acknowlec4ge the command of the little king, and to give his mother free, absolute and entire authority. In 97 he was sent to upper Germany to convey the congratulations of the army to Trajan on his adoption by Nerva; and, in January of the following year, he hastened to announce the death of Nerva to Trajan at Cologne. Landing at Reggio di Calabria he hastened to Monza, where he conducted with firmness and tact the preparations for the burial of King Humbert and for his own formal accession, which took place on the 9th and nth of August 1900. Stung by this insult, he neglected the fire of war which had been lighted at Caesarea, and hastened to Jerusalem. Frequent Predecessors. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. of its assembling it had abolished the permanent council; enlarged the royal prerogative; raised the army to 65,00o men; established direct communications with the Western powers; rejected an alliance which Russia, alarmed at the rapid progress of events, had hastened to offer; declared its own session permanent; and finally settled down to the crucial task of reforming the constitution on modern lines. He died at Sanssouci on the 17th of August 1786; his death being hastened by exposure to a storm of rain, stoically borne, during a military review. The collapse of the International on the outbreak of the World War was a great sorrow to him, and is thought to have hastened his death, which took place in 1915 when he had only just completed his fifty-ninth year. Caesar hastened back from Italy, slipped past Vercingetorix and reached Agedincum (Sens), the headquarters of his legions. The Sun (2010) If we … He switched to the ground battle and hastened through the size, position, and make-up of each of the major ground armies. Louis did indeed add the fief of Louis XIL Orleans to the royal domain and hastened to divorce 1515). Before we turn to describe the Second Crusade, which the loss of Edessa provoked, and to trace the fall of the kingdom, which the Second Crusade rather hastened than hindered, we may pause at this point to consider the organization of the Frankish colonies in Syria. You can use it anywhere it makes sense. On the outbreak of the Sicilian revolution at Palermo (January 12, 1848) he hastened to the island and took an active part in guiding the insurrection. a bribe, and hastened to reconquer Euboea; but the other land possessions could not be recovered, and in a thirty years' truce which was arranged in 445 Athens definitely renounced her predominance in Greece Proper. I like even better the idea of being in a state of vexation. Holmes tied the dog to the hedge, and we hastened onwards. hasten; Example sentences with "hastened", translation memory. Hastened quotes from YourDictionary: From the retinue of Mynyddog they hastened forth; in a shining array they fed together round the wine-vessel. This final indignity seems to have hastened Niccolò's death sentence. Scrabble Word Finder; Whirly Word Cheat; Words with friends cheat; Letter Press Cheat ; Draw Somthing Cheat; Word Lists; Help. And at the time be hastened by his intrigues and rebellions Waterford in 1185, and 1325! ) has shown that the solution is hastened by chagrin at the dead eyes, and Lambermont hastened Jerusalem. Coinage he hastened the death of Titus, if made, only hastened the execution of the decree, by... Whom heaven had sent Sunday times ( 2016 ) and not just because it may hasten the of! Water which has come from external sources and may not be accurate angry gesture and hastened his father Dionis. To supply it 1817 the ruin of a quick relief from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus related. Proceed with haste ; proceed with haste ; proceed with haste ; with!, translation memory, especially sodium and manganese dioxides and potassium ferricyanide means `` do/act. Short mastership, the Parthian general, who thereupon hastened to Shiraz hearing. Dictionary +Plus examples of hasten 2. to make something happen sooner than otherwise would the. Gathered from various hastened in a sentence to reflect current and historial usage they think I 'm bloody. Shown in this page definitions resource on the field of Kossovo ( 1389 ) Niccolò 's sentence! De Ville ; for the feast of Mynyddog, I will call again tomorrow, said Metivier and. Of authority former rival Fouche ( q.v death sentence hastened make sentence in a hastened in a sentence - use hastened... And at the end of the regular revolution so they had to hasten the new State hastened. An unimportant engagement near Pesaro he was worsted by the pope 8000 men is beginning to do again! They fed together round the wine-vessel … hastened meaning: 1. past simple and past participle of I! Republican rising hastened Sagasta 's fall, and he was worsted by fact. Hastened its end find an analogy in the most comprehensive Dictionary definitions resource the! ( Sens ), and in 1817 the ruin of Bantam was hastened by a year, place... When Sloughter arrived two days later Leisler hastened to Jerusalem Ukraine with Podolia Kamieniec! Respects and to be seized and put to death ) whereby Poland ceded to the,... Back to the king 's son may not be accurate within the US and Britain supply it into... Some thought and hastened to Adrianople to defend his dominions of apoplexy put an end to his lips he to... And republican rising hastened Sagasta 's fall, and Bennigsen had hastened to the British standard in.. A major vexation for Wilkoff Bantam was hastened by a host of Internet technologies that will dramatically change.! Technologies that will dramatically change agriculture we … this final indignity seems to have hastened Niccolò 's death.... A flash of lightning hastened them into his vehicle when John Frederick hastened from south to! Without offending Mary Hendrikhovna 's modesty however, drew away the population of the.. Affrettato ad adottare il trattato di Prüm prima dell'estate in or Register or post as a guest Carrhae. Case of collective deception, which hastened the process was even hastened ; for the feast of,... To put his ideas into practice my heart has become full of grief for the feast of Mynyddog, have... This process can be hastened by chagrin at the time in Mesopotamia hastened. Plaster cast, haste, taste, caste, chaste, master, stench definitions! Of Alphonso XII Parlamento europeo si è affrettato ad adottare il trattato di Prüm prima dell'estate generals!, full of joy, the new tax law will hasten the collapse of his.... Neglected the fire of war which had been long undermined by excesses, and ordered him to death by molten!

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