A Song A Day

A Song A Day: Music Bringing Hope

In the midst of the fear and uncertainty many are experiencing these days, we hope to help bring some light and hope to everyone while also supporting our local musicians. While we are staying safe by staying home during this period of quarantine, we would like to share a song a day here and on our social media channels starting Monday, March 23.

We invite local musicians to submit a video recording of a song, either recorded in quarantine or a favorite recorded with your band prior to social distancing recommendations. We will share your song across our social media channels and crucially include other links that would direct your fans to your online merch stores, streaming services where they could purchase your album(s), Venmo/PayPal handles, and anything else that may give folks a quarantine-friendly way to support their favorite artists.

Hopefully we will be able to enjoy live music in-person soon. In the meantime, keep making music and we will share it with our ever-growing DLMC community.

Submit your video to eunah@davismusicfest.com

Preferred video formats: mp4 or Youtube/Vimeo links