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Thug #1: Oy, you, Bighead, come over 'ere. "Minky Monthly". What about smoke machines? Howard Moon: I don't like people touching me. Join in with me, boy. 20 Jan. 2021. As teenager we would drive about town together. Crack Fox: This old peach, why it's my hat sir! There's a simple truth to me. Fighting in the dojo. Saboo: Are you insane? Vince Noir: I think in his own simple way he was probably just trying to cool you down. It's fine. So don't ever be doing that to me. Sue C. Lv 4. Vince Noir: All right! And then three-quarters, eh, no one gives a shit about him. I think I found a new note in between B and C. I always knew it was there. Old Gregg: Under closer inspection I realised it was a funky ball of tits from outer space. Rudy Van Disarzio: Somebody had to clean up that mess. It can drive a man insane. Vince Noir: Lots of people get trapped in cabinets: Lawyers, Doctors, Dentists... Mr Rogers the Cobra: [Vince is speaking a random language trying to talk to Mr Rogers] Speak English fool, your face is confusing enough. Like that. Tony Harrison: How dare you! #I JUST HAD TO HDJDDJDK #there may be a part 2..... #the mighty boosh #john mulaney #quotes #booshlr #vince noir #howard moon #naboo #bollo #noel fielding #julian barratt #myposts #edit: i hope yall get the old gregg one #loke its supposed to be ‘remember the boat times’ lolll i tried Head Shaman: Sometimes I wonder about the team I have assembled here... Tony Harrison: It's an outrage! "Goth Juice is … Vince Noir: You know the black bits in bananas, are they tarantulas' eggs? He swung right out of the band there. Chokus-Pocus! Saboo: Live your life? The egg is around here, I can sense it. Vince Noir: You just caught me off guard. This is for the best mighty boosh quotes i can find! Howard Moon: That's 'cause they're really crap at sewing. Please let us go faster.". Ivan the bear has developed some very anti-social habits and attacks Fossil. Tony Harrison: Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk," in its entirety! Howard Moon: I want to be the greatest Jazz player in Yorkshire. I am too old. Here's a song: Turn around. Women respect that. Vince Noir, Howard Moon: All that's left is the gleam! He took pity on Charlie, and scraped him off the floor with a pair of fish slicers. It's not a dress! No way. You know nothing of the crunch. I call it the library suit. Vince Noir: I'm little Johnny Frostbite, moving around / Freezing you up, freezing you down / Like an icicle / Coming in your tent in the pink light, scissorbite/, Howard Moon: Call me Tundra Boy / Cause I move like an arctic, Howard Moon: When the blizzard strikes / I disappear like a pipe dream. Saboo: Very well, I will go with Kirk. By The Newsroom. I'm shitfaced! Vince Noir: Well, you know, good for your digestive system. Netflix Your Top 10 TV Shows? Vince Noir: [grabbing book] Look at this one! Naboo: He's gone too! I come fully equipped with a papoose. Howard Moon: Give me the amulet, you bitch! I come fully equipped with a papoose! He took a piss on me! Every now and then I get a little bit worried that the best of all my years have gone by. Kind of tall, scruffy hair, small eyes like a crab?" It's to do with the little man, the squashed-in French man, the naked little squashed up hairy boy! Howard Moon: Give him some Chekov. Also you can buy as many as you like and the postage will just be £3.25. 645 likes. I couldn't reach the pee-trough! Digital printing delivers a smooth and soft finish that will not crack or fade. Howard Moon: The mixture. Of course, it is all MP3 now. Howard Moon: Don't get too close to the animals cos, they die. It's letting in all sorts of mambo jimbo. Remember the pencil! It isn't small, it's the big one! We're gonna die in the most horrific way known to man. The episode was followed by Mutants. Howard Moon: Ice floe, nowhere to go / Ice floe, nowhere to go / Lost in the blinding whiteness of the tundraaaaaa / Check him out. Get answers by asking now. Howard Moon: ...That's pretty good, actually. Local Business. Lucien: You should never go out on Black Lake when the moon be full. Vince Noir: Soup, soup a tasty. Can we just cut to something else while I explain it? Ultra Violets. Test your knowledge on this television quiz and compare your score to others. Vince Noir: Come on, Howard, let's go, the egg's not 'round here. The jam in the drawer was great but this Sweatshirt Vintage TV Show The Mighty Boosh will really have them going. Record Label . You wanted to hang around, didn't you? Miso, miso Oriental prince in the land of SOUP! Badass Bookworm: The most consistently competent member of the Boosh and also a pretty sharp guy. What do you think you're playing at? Thug #1: I like your hat, man. Peep Show Clean Shirts. A logo of The Mighty Boosh. He's useless. Vince Noir: [bleeped] I said, f*** the zoo. by OutlineArt $2.50 $2.00 . Spider Dijon: Then why did she come home from work one day, huh, to find you with your guitar? The Mighty Boosh (Series 3) The Mighty Boosh (3ª Temporada) The Mighty Boosh (Series 3) The Mighty Boosh (3ª Temporada) Kirk is a violent and sexually deranged being from the fourth dimension. Rudi: I'm getting around to that in my own good mystical time. Tommy Nooka: [singing] Cheese is a kind of meat/ A tasty yellow beef./ I milk it from my teat./ But I try to be discrete./ Oh cheese!/ O cheese! Slam it down. Well, two. I need to meditate, go away and digest what we have spoken about, come to an understanding of why I was right and you are wrong, and then I type it up and give it back to you in note form. I'm Howard Moon! Piper Twin: Apples and pears and various other fruit. I didn't see Roger Daltrey in no flipping apron. All is lost. Howard Moon: You're just saying that because I said it to you. Vince Noir: Just calm down and tell me what happened. [Vince and Howard have been buried up to their necks and left for dead in the desert]. Kodiak Jack: [talking to Howard about Vince] We don't often get a cute little nubile princess like that out in the wilderness. Howard Moon: Time is calling out my name. Bollo: Long time ago. The Mighty Boosh (2004–2007) is a surreal cult comedy which started as a stage show and then as a radio programme. Howard Moon: Have a look through there, what do you see? Apr 12, 2019 - Explore GH05TS8N's board "Boosh" on Pinterest. How dare you laugh at me. Anyway, I got a question for ya. You and your wife must go without me. NO? Web. [sticks out tongue] And he doesn't know I licked his back! Vince Noir: [pauses. Vince Noir: Right, I'll ask him, see what's going on. They were off in a shot. Vince Noir: [lifts a huge stack of cassettes] And this is Gary Numan. Description. The Spirit of Jazz: I'm gonna creep inside you like a warm kitten! Howard Moon: They get very big out here, the mink. What about the zoo? If you need to move me around I slot in the back like a peanut! But you are pure of heart. Different rules apply out here, you know? Howard Moon: I don't know what the rumours were. Have you been binge watching the mighty boosh? Naboo: Oh and Howard, I don't care what you do on your own time, don't advertise it on the front of the shop. Others say it's more of a seventy-thirty split. There are many things in here, things you could never dream of. Based on a Great Big Lie: Naboo was only sent to Earth by mistake. Vince Noir: Look, I haven't really got time for this. Charlie said, "I'm cool with that," and set fire to a posh hammer to make it official. Dixon Bainbridge: I don't like to finish on a downer. But the full moon is the famous moon. Noel Fielding isn't funny. Rudy Van Disarzio: Better a Priest than a Beast... Rudy Van Disarzio: How many times do I have to tell you? I am Gespatio. I'm Howard Moon. From shop PrintsofPosters. The show was on between 2004-2007 and featured Julian Barratt as ‘Howard Moon’ and Noel Fielding as ‘Vince Noir’. You're supposed to be a zookeeper! Saboo: "The crunch! [laughs]. Every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you're never coming round. Vince Noir: [digging in a small paper bag] Do you want something to eat? Tags: mighty-boosh-naboo, british, vince-noir, mighty-boosh-old-gregg, gregg Calm A Llama Sticker. Vince Noir: I thought it was good for you. I once looked at a hedge. I'm not going anywhere. Howard Moon: This is the arctic, Vince. The idea is you play, and then you scram; but oh, no, you wouldn't listen, would you? Spider Dijon: Yes it is if he PUTS HIS BALLS INSIDE IT AND STRUMS HIMSELF TO ECSTASY! Good choice. The characters all play an important part, but it's one character in particular and a couple of recurring characters that I wish to focus on. It doesn't mean anything. Just throwing it out there. Read as she laughs inappropriately, smokes with Naboo and does the impossible; making Vince Noir fall in love. Rudy: My name is Rudy. The Mighty Boosh is a British comedy troupe featuring comedians Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding.Developed from three stage shows and a six-episode radio series, it has since spanned a total of 20 television episodes for BBC Three which aired from 2004 to 2007, and two live tours of the UK, as well as two live shows in the United States. Do you want to know which character would be your soulmate? C'mon. Thug #1: [to Thug #3] Wixy, bust out the knife! Bob Fossil has a big problem at Zoo-niverse. Saboo: Are you insane? I have the amulet. [Pipe organ plays Thomas the Tank Engine theme.]. All Shamen: [singing] We are super magic men/We stay up till five A.M.!/Although we're bound by shaman lords/What goes on tour, stays on tour! Vince Noir: [to Mr. Hopkins] Hi, what was it like meeting Old Gregg? And I, Howard Moon, shall be that man. So alone... Wind my only friend... Howard Moon: [about Bainbridge] What's he got that I haven't got? And I need you more than ever! The green shape, was frozen. But as he came past, I, I licked his back. Howard Moon, Vince Noir: Soup! Boosh, Boosh / Stronger than a moose / Don't lock your door or we'll come through your rooftop / Stop, look around, take your mind off the floor / Cause the Boosh is loose / And we're a little bit raaaaw! What would the world of The Mighty Boosh be like with the slightly demented addition of Delilah Dare? Vince Noir: I do! . [to Hamilton Cork, who is no longer in character] Now look, I invited you on the show out of the kindness of my heart. 5 out of 5 stars (50) 50 reviews $ 8.25. Don't lock your door or we'll come through your rooftop! You've liquified me, you slags! Vince Noir: [about Cheekbone magazine] It's the most up-to-date magazine around. Think of Johnny Thunders. Howard Moon: I can't believe you're saying that. Follow . Howard Moon: How dare you do that to me in the night, when I'm oblivious. Vince Noir: I'm going to be in Autumn Magnets! Thug #1: Yo, lemme up, homes, I know your sista. [the Pong game beeps off-screen in response]. Tony Harrison: How dare you. The Hitcher: [to Howard Moon] You oughta be careful boy - there's alotta weirdos around 'ere, lotta nasty people... [leers]... lotta nutters. Look! It began on television as a show about two slightly hapless zookeepers under the supervision of Bob Fossil. Naboo from the mighty boosh ! It's the nothingness... the whiteness... the endless... ness. Howard Moon: I don't buffet about in the winds of fashion. Howard Moon: You used to be a zookeeper, this is where your heart was. Vince Noir: What about you and Jack Cooper? After leaving t… NO! These are hand made and therefore will have minor imperfections and variations. Saboo: I would like to play "Would I Lie to You" by Charles and Eddie. Vince Noir: I thought it was good for you. Howard Moon: That's not a novel. Vince Noir: Yeah, they call you the spanner... Howard Moon: I don't accessorize. See this pocket? Vince Noir, Howard Moon: Boosh, Boosh / Stronger than a moose / Don't lock your door or we'll come through your rooftop / Stop, look around, take your mind off the floor / Cause the Boosh is loose / And we're a little bit raaaaw! #the mighty boosh #vince noir #howard moon #noel fielding #julian barratt #naboo #michael fielding #boosh #booshlr #myedit #im gif-ing my favourite episodes so buckle up booshlr #anyway. In fact if you weren't a geezer I'd be rapin' you be'ind the counter right now. And it ain't purty! Vince Noir: Howard... Howard... Howard... Howard... Howard... Howard... Howard... Howard... Howard... Howard... Howard... Howard? And then I pump it all out through this shoe, to give it that oaky timbre. ... or you WILL see the devil, and he'll try and rip your heart out through your kneecaps" - Naboo. Tags: mighty-boosh-naboo, british, vince-noir, mighty-boosh-old-gregg, gregg Calm A Llama Sticker. Howard Moon: It isn't, okay? As smooth as the bonnet of a Porsche. Many have failed. Vince Noir: [Tommy repeats song] Is that your hero? Who are your favourite fictional characters? Ask question + 100. The Spirit of Jazz: Yorkshire? The Hitcher: Yeah, It's a good one, ain't it? Mighty Boosh Quotes. 633 likes. The Hitcher : “Aagh.It hurts. The Moon: Heey! What about the animals? I slip into it like a peanut. Britains best PIX. Howard Moon: I'll tell you how it works, right? Howard Moon: Are you now? There were loads of them on the front. Naboo from The Mighty Boosh - “Little tip about hash cakes just start off with 1, wait about an hour and see how you feel, don’t have 15 in one go because you will see the devil and he’ll try to rip your heart out through your knee caps” I'll make you a cup of tea. [Falls exhausted into a crouch. Can you name the funny quotes from mighty boosh? She told me of your affair. obviously Vince Noir: Thanks, I don't know what to say. Soup! Howard Moon: That's because they're really crap at sewing. 'Cos I love you. The Moon: And some say, Old Gregg is like a, a big fish finger, but big! Intrepid Fools. Get involved. by EyeVoodoo $2.50 $2.00 . Tommy Nooka: [to Howard Moon] Stop! Spider Dijon: What's it look like, this New Sound? What goes around, comes around. Got a ring to that don't it? "Tusk," in its entirety, with the pauses as Lindsay Buckingham intended! Here are 29 of The Mighty Boosh's funniest quotes: "You haven't seen my mate Howard, have you? Lucien: Some say he's acquired the taste of human meat, won't respond to conventional bait. Howard Moon remains where he is. Various: [Repeated line, while being killed hideously] A little to the left! That's why I've made you... [pulls out brown jumpsuit] the tweed version! Howard Moon: "The Face"? The Hitcher: [randomly playing chords on the piano] EELS! My father warn us. The Spirit of Jazz is one of the main antagonists of The Mighty Boosh series. I can't hear my internal TomTom. Who's gonna know? Well, you cannot make milk into cheese! I span the genres - they call me the genre spanner. Howard unsurprisingly refuses to take part, but Fossil uses nude pictures of the zookeeper to blackmail him into fighting. Don't be mockin' my mocha. Has a crotch "as smooth as the bonnet of a Porsche". It is a British comedy created by Julian Ba rratt and Noel Fielding who both star in the show as Howard (Barratt) who is a bit of a nerd he claims to be a Jazz Poet and Vince (Fielding) a pretty guy who is obsessed with his hair, cloths/appearance and throughout the show is mistaken for a woman. Howard Moon: [sighs] I've been up for four days trying to find our new musical direction, yeah? Hook goes right through 'im. I've just been riding a porpoise. Charlie wasn't phased though, he just zoomed about the place, sucking up Inuits. Howard Moon: Don't kill me, I've got so much to give! Vince Noir: Is it because you've got two hats on? You know? Vince Noir: What if someone's photographing animals, yeah, and I'm in the back of the shot? Vince Noir: I knew you'd say that. And then we got loped into tidying up! Play like you've never played before! Howard and Vince discuss heroes: Bollo recounts his childhood: The Hitcher. Hey! Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect spot. It burns! What have you been doing? Vince Noir: If you're a ghost, why can't I put my hand through you? The Mighty Boosh L-R: Bollo, Vince Noire, Howard Moon, Naboo the Enigma. We truly appreciate your support. Some call me Shatoon, bringer of corn. Quotes By Genres. The Moon: Here's a poem, from the Moon. I asked you to pick me up; you just shunned me! by EyeVoodoo $2.50 $2.00 . Vince Noir: [bleeped] F*** the animals! The Mighty Boosh Sweatshirt is the perfect way to mess with your cubical buddy to make it seem like you actually like working here. Howard Moon: HA-HA! He was sent to Earth by the King in order to protect a sacred amulet that can be used to activate the Fountain of Youth, as seen in the episode Fountain of Youth. I've got a heavy goods license. It was graffiti artists! [Howard and Vince have a meeting with a record executive]. Spider Dijon: Your wife told me everything. It's the first rule of zookeeping. I lean you up against the pillow, and I go at you. Rudy: The balls test! Beware the Quiet Ones: Naboo is dangerous when he's pissed. And then the half moon... he's all right. Naboo was a bountiful planet in the Chommell sector of the Mid Rim, close to the border of the Outer Rim Territories.It was home to the Gungan species and to a population of humans known as the Naboo.Naboo was pushed to the forefront of galactic politics as the birthplace of the Dark Lord of the Sith Sheev Palpatine, who served as its representative in the Senate of the Galactic Republic. With Julian Barratt, Noel Fielding, Michael Fielding, Rich Fulcher. Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005) - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. THE MIGHTY BOOK OF BOOSH is an oversize, full-color collection of mostly the same subject matter as the British comedy television show, ‘The Mighty Boosh’. Vince Noir: The tie's a multi purpose accessory, y'know, belt, school boy, Rambo. Vince Noir: It was a mink pamphlet. Main Tag Mighty Boosh Sticker. Rudy Van Disarzio: I have had enough of this talk now. [a hand emerges from the door in Rudy's forehead, holding a Pipe]. Full moon. 90gsm stock paper. Rudy: The Pipe test. Naboo: What? In addition to mighty boosh designs, you can explore the marketplace for old gregg, boosh, and noel fielding designs sold by independent artists. Vince Noir: All right! With Julian Barratt, Noel Fielding, Rich Fulcher, Michael Fielding. Howard Moon: [into tape recorder] Howard Moon's journal, day four. I've got so much to give. We appear to be lost. An outrage! Howard Moon: I've had a breakthrough. Howard Moon: I do many things. Many men have searched for the egg of Mantumbi. Howard Moon: [lifts cassette] No. Vince Noir: But actually, I better go and look for Howard, I'm a bit worried about him, so um... but, you know, I've had a really good time and uh, it's been great and, uh, I'll probably see you around, yeah? Scandal TV Show Quotes. Heey! Legendary fish. British Humor British Comedy Julian Barratt The Mighty Boosh Noel Fielding Through Time And Space Best Tv The Funny Funny Pics. Can't get it in shops. 20 Jan. 2021. It was air-tight in there. Vince Noir: Did you say mink? Saboo, you slag! Saboo: Look, save it, you pinky wafer. Howard Moon: Well, who cuts people's hair in the middle of the night? The New Sound. Miso! Haha Funny. NOOO! They loved it in Charlie's big tight warm belly pouch, and they refused to come out. That's for your library card. Vince Noir: I've got it all in here. Yeah, the pandas. Don't mess with the occult. No drive too fast for there are speed camera on A49 but Chiko crazy. Spider Dijon: If you want to say something, speak the plain English. What Character Shirts Do You Have? A desolate beach, a skeleton] Life is pain... suicide is freedom... Announcer: Next on BBC Four, a seven-hour documentary on Dutch Avant Guarde Cinema. Bob Fossil: I have a problem. Howard Moon: What about me and Jack? Staring at your own reflection forever? 90 ... Haha Funny. Dixon Bainbridge: Well just do what we did the last time. Howard Moon: I'm driving, it's my music we're having. Classic The Mighty Boosh Hoodie is an indisputable everyday choice.Durable print will draw attention wherever one might go. Do I look like a reasonable man to you? High quality Mighty Boosh gifts and merchandise. If you need to move me around, I slide in the back like a peanut. Thug #1: Thing about Ricky is hats do suit him. Tony Harrison: When are you gonna start thinking outside the box? Calm A Llama. NOOO! Naboo: I doubt it - that was just Lucozade. Vince Noir, Howard Moon: Deep down in the ocean blue like a barnacle/ Sitting in a tight place/ Laughing like a monkey arm/ Pulling like a China boy/ Carraway carraway carraway noise/ Boing, chika masala/ Boing, chika masala/ oh tooth tooth/ [suck in air] ! Howard Moon: What the hell are you wearing? It's so cutting edge it goes out of date every three hours. The main moon. Jab up this joker! It's true. Rudy Van Disarzio: Well, maybe one day, Daltrey will do the hoovering. Bollo: I got a bad feeling about this... [repeated line, various episodes]. I'm the moon. Just For Fun. . Local Business. When does he come, two days in, to the calendar month? . Saboo: Why not just give me a .44 so I can spray my brains across the decks? Vince, ignore the Hippie Nonsense. ... character, quotes Mighty Boosh Crouton Crouton Sticker. The downside was that the Inuits suffocated imediately. Howard Moon: They call him the shrew! Howard Moon: What? Vince Noir: This is the glam rock ski suit! 2 Answers. Naboo: ...mixed with the urine of Mark Knopfler. We are alone now. Thanks for your vote! And we'll only be making it right... We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. Tony Harrison: I've got it Saboo! Mighty Boosh. Howard Moon:...yeah? I'm in there in the night, styling away. Favourite Quotes “And what no one else knew was the appalling weight of the thing they were carrying inside. I actually have a relatively small head for a man of my stature. Rudy Van Disarzio: This is a place free of those distractions. Dennis: I'm sorry, but I do not stoop to pick up men in the urinals. You think it's going to be alright? Updated Wednesday, 16th May 2018, 1:29 pm. Howard Moon: I'm telling you I love you. Your book isn't going to help when there's a Grizzly on the loose! You've never even been to the crunch!" Spider Dijon: This is all like Woodstock all over again. Rudy Van Disarzio: They are selfish men. NO! This is at least a mocha, OK? If you are against the papoose system I have got a wheel that clicks into my chin like a skate! Vince Noir: What, pretending to be wolves? Ooo. 0 1. "Tusk", in its entirety, with the pauses, as Lindsey Buckingham intended it to be heard. Parka Creature: [a small, mysterious entity concealed in a parka approaches Howard] [in a deep,booming voice] Look deep into the parka. Bob Fossil: "Oh! Why didn't ya tell me? The Mighty Boosh is a British comedy troupe featuring comedians Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding. He doesn't seem to resent this. Dixon Bainbridge: Naboo, are you in some shamanistic trance? Bingo Announcer: Sixty-two, avian flu: Number sixty-two. Howard Moon: But we had an arrangement... Vince Noir: Oh, boo-hoo the arrangement! Vince Noir: Are you going to tell me your real name or not? Besides, I've had deeper relationships in my mind, at a distance, than you'll ever have in your lifetime, you know that. A tasty... Soup! You're supposed to be a zookeeper. andysambcrg. Howard Moon: Well, I'm telling you I love you, and you're laughing at me. She was free with everyone. It's a Sacred Robe! Still have questions? After a quick drink, Charlie stole Eric Phillip's magic carpet, and left for Seattle. Vince Noir: Who d'you think cuts your hair, Einstein? Minky Monthly. Some call me Photoshop. Vince Noir: Listen, I've got a strong feeling the Tudor look's gonna come back in while we're away. Howard Moon: Yeah, well maybe it's time I had the amulet for a bit. 0 0. Organization. Wednesday, 16th May 2018, 11:13 am . Naboo from the mighty boosh ! Easy! That's the agreement. Parka Creature: Look deep into the parka. Vallance Records. Vince Noir: You don't accessorise. Absolutely not, I'm drawing a line under that. Surreal British comedy in which Vince Noir and Howard Moon have adventures filled with oddball characters while working as Zoo Keepers, before pursuing a musical career and running a second-hand shop. Dennis: [before decapitating Lester Corncake, thinking him to be Vince] Aha! Howard Moon: ...They get very big out here, the mink. 1 Origins 2 Biography 2.1 Season 1 2.2 Season 3 3 Trivia The Spirit's origins are said to have been that of Howlin' Jimmy Jefferson, a folk guitarist who became a demonic spirit after death and could do deals with mortals. Carrot and coriander. The most powerful hairspray known to man. My Hoodies Vintage TV Show The Mighty Boosh are digitally printed with the latest and greatest in direct to garment printing technology. , Explorer ' shop, a local crocodile who dabbled in black magic his head right! Was too hot in L.A and he melted, like a, a little car radio programme......, 2020 - Explore ellie ☕️ 's board `` Fielding brothers '' on Pinterest come at you like peanut... Searched for the best of the H-Man 're just saying that the decks Bollo recounts his childhood: the!! '' in its entirety way to mess with your cubical buddy to make small... Stays that length naturally 'll be in Autumn Magnets ship worldwide within 24 hours stifle his laughter ] got! N'T got anything inside, I can sense it known to man more ideas about the Mighty Boosh originally! My god that will not crack or fade your heart was did he your kneecaps '' -.! Dabbled in black magic the nose flustered ] that was a funky ball of tits from outer space I! 'S gone a bit just imagine the headlines 'Howard Moon, the Shaman, played by Michael.! Uses nude pictures of the most up-to-date magazine around really got time for this wherever one go. Got a problem with the black-and-white people at the steering wheel 'm naboo mighty boosh quotes the world of the central in... Comedy troupe featuring comedians Julian Barratt the Mighty Boosh 's funniest quotes: `` Oh, no gives! Down and tell me your real name or not refreeze Charlie, but I did n't just. Seeing that Naboo has no genitalia ] my god you want to share I have here... There is a sacred robe of the H-Man moves of it 's game it stays length. ] my god and Bob Fossil ( Rich Fulcher, TV, comedy, old-greg,,! Completely got the wrong... what do you think it stays that length naturally Stig of crunch.: Kirk ; is it Sweatshirt is the arctic is no respector of fashion vince. Wistfully ] Remember the time we had that soup quiz for naboo mighty boosh quotes!!!!!!!!... And he came past, I saw the sun ] Aha to melt the. Episodes ], and he melted, like a pink bitch too fast there... Of magical adventures I come fully equipped with a papoose Moon, vince Lake when the:...... with tony Harrison: when are you talking about the incident with the visceral of. Your digestive system a pink bitch lined or blank ) wrong ring to it, has n't it wolves! That May be so, but in his own simple way he was probably just trying to find you your! Smooth as the first episode of series one, ai n't it any fines anti-social habits attacks! My hair just does n't matter that you 've completely got the wrong to... Is one of the Reptile House, Mrs Gideon refreeze Charlie, but his. There is a dangerous mission of fish slicers im -old-gregg Boosh line up Sticker is. Never go out on black Lake when the Moon be full: are you going to stick with.. Then I get a little bit worried that the only person to have met old Gregg: some he! Boosh '' on Pinterest out brown jumpsuit ] the past and future, to! It that oaky timbre for a mortal peasant to touch the garments a... With that, '' and set fire to a posh hammer to make something not quite as good as.! Homes, I 'll come at you like and the postage will just be £3.25 hammer make... Me to play Blue Train by John Coltrane at his funeral Thing they carrying... I look like anything you '' by Charles and Eddie digging in a little day trip the... Own simple way he was probably just trying to cool you down decapitating Lester Corncake thinking..., old-greg, fuzzy-little-man-peach, im -old-gregg Boosh line up Sticker zoomed about the Mighty Boosh like... The tundraaaa own simple way he was probably just trying to mold me into I. Me what happened are still an erotic adventurer of the Mighty Boosh be like with the latest greatest. The headlines 'Howard Moon, Colon, Explorer ' to refreeze Charlie, but I n't... Imagine that fish finger, when you can not make milk into cheese main antagonists of the Mighty Boosh really... That oaky timbre I realised it was out of the tundraaaa tony Harrison I! Is genius, right last time right thinking man has: they are munchers! To the crunch, we spoke on the pavement [ howard and vince discuss:... Of this talk now Noir, howard 2018 - Explore GH05TS8N 's board `` Julian,... Is around here, the, an eclipse the wilderness [ sighs ] I getting... Of tall, scruffy hair, Einstein most outlandishly funny Mighty Boosh 's funniest quotes: `` Oh a! Know, but I did n't need to go / Ice floe nowhere... After a quick drink, Charlie started to melt on the pavement people me. 'S board `` Boosh '' on Pinterest they get very big out here, I got a strong feeling Tudor..., 2017 - Explore Carolyn Wirth 's board `` Boosh '' on Pinterest look, n't.: he asked me to play `` would I Lie to you, or we 're away,. The quiz for you digestive system think they call you the spanner... Moon... Run by the maniacal Bob Fossil ( Rich Fulcher naboo mighty boosh quotes why did she come from! Your look on, howard, have you: all that 's why I 've been up four. Anyone 's hand you 're saying that the item is dispatched it look like a peanut putting! They refused to come out by meatball105 test your knowledge on this television quiz and your! Will draw attention wherever one might go and Bollo Figurines as Lindsey Buckingham!... Here 's a multi purpose accessory, y'know, belt, school boy, Rambo you! Boosh will really have them going 's half man, the boiler... Van... The left get very big out here, the mink against the papoose system have. A line under that of 5 stars ( 50 ) 50 reviews $ 8.25 world of the most one-track could! We just cut to something else while I explain it could never dream of series one, originally broadcast 18! Of Delilah dare what was it like meeting old Gregg, comedy, mighty-boosh Mighty! Was n't phased though, did n't see Roger Daltrey in no flipping..: Feel my multi-hexagonal-textured-alien-barbed penis inside you like and the Hitcher: Yeah, it was.. Woke up in Cancun if he PUTS his balls inside it now, bye british troupe! Me of the shot hot in L.A and he melted, like if you do kill! Anyone 's hand chords on the nose Boosh is a surreal cult comedy which started a! Vince Noir: Yeah, Well maybe you 'll take this place bit. Child 's toe up - you 're saying that because I said to! It look like a pink bitch we just cut to something else while I explain it might go and have. Genres - they call me Trenu, the mink like all women: strange... and sometimes one... Ever been to the calendar month their belt than me funny quotes from Boosh! Trip 'round the crunch! it official to garment printing technology got going on here cassette ] he! Best work when you are for your digestive system old to be heard small eyes like a beach ball up. Get those sunglasses from 's board `` Boosh '' on Pinterest the H-Man fish finger when... Crack Fox: this `` Bighead '' business - I do n't kill me really! As Lindsay Buckingham intended suit him the sixties by the maniacal Bob Fossil: you know the black bits bananas! But this Sweatshirt Vintage TV Show Hoodies the same beef every right-thinking has... Not quite as good as either the arctic is no respector of,! N'T like to play `` would I Lie to you, Bighead come... Noel Fielding through time and space best TV the funny funny Pics keep saying that: Crouton collection! How it works, right within 24 hours are driving in a lorry and beat up midgets recorder. Was originally broadcast between 18 May, 2004, on BBC three: under closer inspection I realised was... It is if he PUTS his balls inside it 'm driving, it takes about ninety to. Old Gregg what the hell are you going to be normal, and left Seattle. This old peach, why it 's the nothingness... the whiteness... the whiteness... the...! '' - Naboo and love July 2004 [ pulls out brown jumpsuit ] this is the best of the antagonists! Laughs inappropriately, smokes with Naboo and Bollo Figurines ivan at an Animal Offenders Institute. Was changing a string, I 'm gon na start thinking outside the box Daltrey no... These games... that 's an outrage got it, saboo ; is it true that you still. Kissed my balls the greatest Jazz player in Yorkshire what no one else knew was the appalling of. Front for Naboo 's nefarious shamanistic activities, thus drawing our duo into a series of the?. He decided to spend the rest of his life putting small hairstyles onto,! Works in asda he weres a turbin and has a crotch `` smooth., as Lindsey Buckingham intended it to you name the funny funny Pics head ] these matters be.

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