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The series is based on the book by the same name which chronicles the 24 hours which encompassed their being pinned down miles from their base and their subsequent rescue. HF # 1023 Sebastian Mizgala in the center flanked by Heather Duquet on the Left and Larry Ekstrom on the right. Hellfish # 1121 - Scott Schumacher (left) - getting ready to help Aaron Burwell (center - HF #794) make his Birthday Jump memorable. 997 Luanne Horting (HF # 997) is a resident of Twin Falls, ID and an avid supporter of BASE Jumping off the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls. Hellfish # 1177, Keith Williams and  HF # 1176, Ally (Boyd) Williams getting married in Puerto Rico on March 7th, 2020. Davis (HF # 957) at Moab, Justin Tyler Davis- Vega Island Antartica, Ace Henderson (HF # 955) on the left @ "Jay Leno", Dennis Valdez (HF 954) with Ace Henderson (HF 955). Shop high-quality unique Grandpa Simpson T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. Funny The Simpsons Quotes at Glaze Hoster gets ready to exit a balloon over Skydive Temple in Texas. Hellfish # 1179, Mike Claus, and HF #1178, Rachel Kennedy getting ready to depart the helicopter. Eric Dobbins - HF # 1017 is a Tandem Instructor and avid BASE Jumper. Hellfish # 1151 - Anthony Maschek (right) with Scott Maschek (HF #1150, center) and another Maschek brother hoist their sister. HF # 675 - Mike Pelzer (far right) after completing another tandem jump at Midwest Freefall. Hellfish # 1141 - Hugh Funk (in red) behind either Bill Booth or one half of ZZ Top. That spells trouble. Hellfish # 1024 - Keith Newman from Georgetown, Texas. Eric Kastanis (HF#1098) with Terry Payne (HF #1097) @ Midwest Freefall. This photo is from Midwest Freefall in Ray, MI where Stephanie was jumping for the week-end, Hellfish # 1163 - Sam Kelly in the hanger at Skydive Tecumseh, Hellfish # 1162 - Nader Hammoud at Midwest Freefall - part of the Larry Ekstrom (HF #121) 77th Birthday Jump, Hellfish # 1162 - Nader Hammoud (on right) with Larry Ekstrom (left). Norbert (HF # 1116) on left with Larry Ekstrom (HF # 121) on the right. This episode marks the first time one of Clancy Wiggum's parents are revealed. HF # 1027 Joey Nenni - Looks like a 1st jump?? On the left are HF # 1113 Adam Moyer (top) and HF #934, Lisa Miller (bottom). Hellfish # 1195, Brad Frankenfield getting ready to exit the King air at   Skydive Tecumseh, MI, Hellfish # 1195, Brad Frankenfield just after exit at  Skydive Tecumseh, MI. Hellfish # 1196, Ryan Kemppainen, seems to be in a spot of bother here. Flying in formation in Brazil. Here she poses with one of the thousands of BASE Jumpers that she has photographed jumping from the Bridge. [ shoots] Abe: [pounding on the door] Let me in! Photo by Amber Barney (HF# 987), Kelly Deraedt (HF #1054) with Kenny Beach (HF # 866) and Amber Barney (HF # 987). HELLFISH 4-WAY: Left to Right - HF #121 - Larry Ekstrom; HF # 130 Michael Matthews; HF # 1117 - Abe Unger; and HF #2 - Marty MacDonald. If you would like your photo added please email it to me at  This email address is being protected from spambots. Mark is jumping with military gear from the 50's and 60's which some of us started jumping with - capewell release, belly mount reserve, hard landings, spots had to be accurate or you were off! HF# 1023 Sebastian Mizgala on the right with Larry Ekstrom on the left. Hellfish # 1184, Steve Smith exits the Caravan at Midwest Freefall in Ray, MI, Hellfish # 1184, Steve Smith, over Southeast Michigan. Hellfish # 1176 - Ally Willians on her wedding day in PuertoRico. Hellfish # 1203, SGT Carl King, receiving his Hellfish shoulder patch from SFC Geary. Hellfish # 1187,  Raj Vangari (white helmet) with Maxine Tate (center), First Flight Instructor for the Canopy Course and the rest of her canopy class. Zack Robinson (HF# 1009) demonstrating skills other than falling out of airplanes. Stu Anthony - Hellfish #1083 - Thank you for your service!! Jeff Lyvers - Hellfish #1048 from Comer, GA, Jeff Lyvers - HF #1048 being followed out the door by HF #2, 1046 Tim Huffman (Hellfish #1046) and Jerry Coleman (Hellfish #1047) with Stacey Herr (HF#1019), Tim Huffman - Hellfish #1046 from Flushing, MI, Josh Smith - Hellfish #1045 - just completed his AFF reequriements, Nicole Richards - Hellfish #1044 with Ian Cherteiny (HF # 681 on left), Ryan Wixson (HF #921) & Rob Harris (HF # 869 on right). Hellfish # 1173 - Jerrod Long doing a side exit off the Perrine in Twin Falls, ID. Hellfish # 1189, Cody Kralowski is a Marine and served from 2009 to 2013 at Camp Pendleton as a Heavy Equipment Operator. Brian Ake - Hellfish # 910 showing off his Hellfish Skills !!! Hellfish # 1194, Molly wilson, making a super soft landing at  Skydive Tecumseh, MI, Hellfish # 1193 Rishabh Shah at Skydive Tecumseh, MI, Hellfish # 1193 Rishabh Shah at  Skydive Tecumseh, MI, Hellfish # 1193 Rishabh Shah at Midwest Freefall in Ray (MI) with Larry Ekstrom (right - HF #130) and Marty MacDonald (black glove - HF#2). Hellfish # 1200, SFC Michael Geary, Commanding Officer of the Hellfish 1-3 Squad with General Petraeus, Commanding General U.S. Central Command and subsequently Commanding General Multi-National Force - Iraq. HF # 942 Bertrand Cloutier - Quebec City, Quebec. Davis (HF # 957) at Moab Justin Tyler Davis in Anshun China Justin Tyler Davis- Vega Island Antartica, James Yaru (HF # 956) Ace Henderson (HF # 955) on the left @ "Jay Leno" Ace Henderson @ Bridge Day Ace Henderson with Austin Henderson, Dennis Valdez HF # 954 Dennis Valdez HF 954Dennis Valdez (HF 954) with Ace Henderson (HF 955) Andrew Wilson HF 953) at Tombstone. Hellfish # 1210, SPC Nicole Bissonnette, receiving her Hellfish shoulder patch from SFC Geary. Hellfish # 1194, Molly Wilson at  Skydive Tecumseh, MI. Hellfish # 1132 - Kendrick Dane (Kay Dee) in the left seat of a plane which looks like it would hold a  ton of jumpers - if properly set up. We are inducting into the Flying Hellfish the entire "Hellfish 1-3" MP Squad, Praetorian Platoon, 747 MP Company who fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2009 and 2010. Hellfish #1226, Mike Heil after landing one of his SANS jumps (Society for the Advancement of Naked Skydiving). Nick Barson (HF # 805) on the right, with Alex Prokofjevs (HF#985 on left), Jeff McCarty (HF #71) & Alina Borovika (HF # 969). Hellfish # 1183, Denise Robo, completed her A License requriements on June 5th, 2020. Nov '12 - Just completed a jump off Monkey Lips at Mineral Bottom outside Moab in one of his signature outfits. Hellfish # 1186, Spencer Hill participated in ROTC while in college at Northern Michigan University. He is in the brand new hangar at Skydive Tecumseh / Napoleon, Andy Heins (HF #1111) @ Skydive Tecumseh / Napoleon. Sydney just got her A License in August 2020. All three are gunners for the Squad. Anthony incurred a severe injury and lost his lower leg in Iraq. HF # 130 - Pina Prosperi is Santa's Helper on this dive. Aaron provided all of Ross's FJC training. Others include Robbie Roncelli (HF # 1064), Larry Ekstrom (HF # 121), Sebastian Mizgala (HF # 1023), and Kyle Schroeder (HF # 1095). Across from her in the 6 O'Clock position is Hellfish #517 - Dustin Fowler. Hellfish #1237, Bryan Goldsmith,  is in the 5-Way base in the 10 O'clock position, Hellfish #1237,"Goldie" giving us the "evil eye", Hellfish #1236, Curt Young over Skydive Tecumseh (MI), Hellfish #1236, Curt Young:  Looks like he enjoyed that jump. Her tandem master is Cliff Alfiche, HF #94. He also does them off Cadillac Tower too. var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; Photo courtesy of Jeromy Alexander (HF # 797). Hellfish # 1182, Nathan Allen at Midwest Freefall Skydiving Center, Hellfish # 1182, Nathan Allen  exiting the Super Caravan over Midwest Freefall, Hellfish # 1182, Nathan doing a 3-Way with Rick DeShano (center) and Ally Williams (HF#1176 - right), Hellfish # 1182, Nathan doing a 6-Way (Nathan is at the top in blue), Hellfish # 1181, Beau Hoffman gets his A License @ Skydive Tecumseh @ Napoleon. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; Mike Claus and Rachel Kennedy walking in from a jump in an acrylic painting done by Rachel who is a professional artist. Stuart Bearry (HF # 1012) with his new bride about a year ago. Hellfish #1230, Sean Vasbinder earns his A License at Skydive Tecumseh in August 2020, Hellfish #1230, Sean Vasbinder, and family, Hellfish #1230, Sean enjoys boating when he isn't skydiving, Hellfish #1229, Chandler Decker, after landing at Midwest Freefall in Ray, MI. HF # 725 Sean Chuma - Twin Falls, Idaho. 55 likes. No Jumping?? Terry Payne - Hellfish #1097 - getting advice from Jeffey (Jeff McCarty - HF #71) before exiting. Hellfish # 1120 - Ryan "The Bull" Uhley driving to the DZ. HF # 729 Miles Daisher on the right. Hellfish # 1204, SPC Michael Mercado (center) with HF# 1205 SPC KenMiller (left) and HF# 1206, SGT Michael Salsgiver (right). (squirms) —The Simpsons, "Curse of the Flying Hellfish" Buffy: Willow, please, … @ Bridge Day 2016. HF # 804 Sharron Fielding - taking it low! Trent Campbell - Hellfish #1093 -  @ Skydive Tecumseh / Napoleon, Brad Hill - Hellfish #1092 (on the right in yellow)-  @ Midwest Freefall. Name that city?? That'd be cowardly. Hellfish #1232 Sydney and "Woman's Best Friend". Hellfish #1114, Jason Romanack - where is your rig man? Hellfish # 1201, SPC Steve Avelino, receiving his Hellfish shoulder patch from SFC Geary. Aaron is Hellfish #794 and the Southwest Regional Director of The Flying Hellfish. Do you owe beer? Hellfish # 1164 - Jason dickinson tracking over skydive Tecuseh in Napoleon, MI. Raj has almost completed his A License Requirements. ha-ha, Eric Kastanis  - Hellfish #1098 - @ Midwest Freefall. FLYING HELLFISH. HF # 1024 Keith Newman - Those crazy CReW guys! I chased that rascal to get it back, but gave up after dickety-six miles…", Grandpa Simpson and his trusty Hellfish tattoo!! Many squad mamebers also carry the Hellfish tatto. Others in the photo are (L to R) Marty MacDonald (HF#2), Larry Ekstrom (HF#121), Autumn Doody (HF#1180), Florin Negrut (HF# 1159), Mike Matthews (HF#130) and Nate Allen (HF#1181). This was his father's ash dive. Payton Matzinger @ Z-Hills for some winter jumping with Phil Johnson, Andrew Hermetet (HF # 979) and Amanda Coltrane, Payton Matzinger Hellfish # 1000 @ Skydive Tecumseh, Tina "Lucky Day" (HF # 999) @ Skydive Tecumseh, Tina "Lucky Day" (HF # 999) with Christina Kase (HF # 967) and Alina Borovika (HF # 969), Jake Bower (HF # 998) has just had his first reserve ride (nothing out) at jump # 29. HF # 677 - Pam Rizzo looks like another happy customer while T.I. HF # 1026 Emily Harvey - Thank you for your service .... And can you get me a ride in one of these??? Photo by Jeromy Alexander (HF# 797), Hellfish # 1197, Ye Fan making a super soft landing at Skydive Tecumseh. Presumably, the Flying Hellfish was first dispatched to … Hellfish # 1185, Sarah exiting the Caravan at Midwest Freefall. HF # 803 Rob Cooper - Salt Lake City, Utah. Hellfish #1226, playing keyboard for his band, "Five Hundredth Year", Hellfish #1226,  Mike Heil (2nd from rt.) Nurse: Okay, we'll do something about that right away. Troy Buzzard - Hellfish #1091 -  @ Midwest Freefall with the Geezer Squad. Moriah-Lynn Day - Hellfish # 1072 - with new husband, Chris "Topher" Day (HF#1071). Beth Coffin (HF# 1011) on way to altitude for her A License Check Dive, Beth Coffin - "Spotting" the dive as a part of the Check Dive, Jacquie Henderson Hellfish #1010 getting ready to make her 1st Skydive with Uncle Marty (MacDonald - HF#2). Jeff Delorme - Hellfish #1081 - Nice Hellfish Decal on Jeff's Helmet! Hellfish # 1187, Raj getting ready to exit the Caravan at Midwest Freefall. Mike Malone (HF# 1006) going low but getting back up. Hellfish # 1172 - Michael Klingler with his beautiful wife, Michelle. Main; Laconic; Quotes; PlayingWith; VideoExamples; Create New . Nick Barson - Hellfish # 805 - with his flight instructor. Boutique flying hellfish affiches et tirages d'art créés par des artistes indépendants du monde entier. Hellfish #1234, Josh Pawson, in a skydive over Skydive Tecumseh, Napoleon, MI, Hellfish #1233, Enory Mulholland just after proposing to his fiancee, Tori, Hellfish #1233, Emory takes Tori for a tandem jump prior to the proposal, Hellfish #1233, Emory Mulholland - sunset jump. Arron is outside launching a 2-way base with David. Hellfish # 1204, SPC Michael Mercado (left) with HF# 1209, SPC Michael Steadman (center) and HF #1210, Nicole Bissonnette (right). Alayna Leduc -Hellfish # 1059 (in the center), Paul Hebert (Hf #1058) getting ready to jump with Stew Elder (HF #884), Orlando Ruiz - HF #1056 - preparing to exit, Orlando Ruiz - HF #1056 over Napoleon, MI, Ramiz Toma (HF #1055) & Stew Elder (HF # 884) over Napoleon, MI, Kelly Deraedt (HF #1054) with Kenny Beach (HF #866 ) and Marty MacDonald (HF #2) over Napoleon. Hellfish # 1122 - Blaine Murphy with a friend about to make a tandem jump inTexas. Hellfish #1232, Sydney on a 4-Way dive. Hellfish # 1165 - Luke Johnson flying a Piper Super Cub. Hellfish # 1185, Sarah makes her first jump, a birthday present from her dad, long-time skydiver and pilot, Russ Lombardo. Hellfish # 1181, Beau Hoffman. We aren't sure if that harness is tandem rated. HF # 342 - Shagggio Rodriguez (aka, Ryan Levesque) newly named DZ Manager for Skydive Tecumseh in Napoleon, MI, HF # 342 -Shaggio Rodriguez in competition, HF # 342 - Shaggio Rodriguez - Medal Winner!! "Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in 'The Curse of the Flying Hellfish'" is the 22nd episode of The Simpsons' seventh season. Hellfish # 1131 - Lee Kizziar with his wife. Adam Moyer (HF # 1113) in blue far right with Claire Greenshields (HF # 1065), Dierdre Knobelock (HF # 1079) next to Adam,  adn I'm going to need some help with the  otheers names. Chris "Topher" Day - Hellfish # 1071 - with Moriah Day (Hellfish #1072). This is just one of many Hellfish insignia's created by the Hellfish 1-3 Squad. Buried World War II treasure is the prize in a tontine, in which Grandpa Simpson and Mr. Burnsare the last two surviving members. Burns was … The shortest title is a tossup between season 12's "HOMЯ" and season 25's … Hellfish # 1202, SPC Garrett Doonan. Hellfish # 1155 - Staff Seargent Eric Bourquin with a teammate in front of the screen showing the Nat Geo Series. Scott is on the right. John on the right in white,  Larry Ekstrom in the center in blue and Sam Brown on the left in red. Hellfish #1229, Chandler (top left standing) received his Coach's Rating at Skydive Tecumseh in late September 2020. In the loading area for a 3-way on the last day in 2020 that the DZ was open. Landing after a wing suit jump around Moab, Utah ( I'm guessing Mineral Bottom). Janos Pajor - Hellfish #1007 hails from Szekesfehervar, Hungary. Hellfish # 1133 - Crystal Lynne Owens in front of Out of the Blue Skydivings high-tail King Air. Hellfish # 1205, SPC Ken Miller, is also a gunner. Hellfish # 1163 - Sam Kelly (right) with Rex Bertrand (HF # 50 - on the left) and Mark Durivage (center). Hellfish #1239, Arron McClure is on the right with David Squier (HF#1240 - left) and Marty MacDonald (center - HF#2). Terry Payne - Hellfish #1097 - Introducing another nephew to skydiving, Doug "Diggler" Moomey - Hellfish #1096  @ Midwest Freefall, Doug "Diggler" Moomey - Hellfish #1096 -  on the left @ Midwest Freefall, Kyle Schroeder - Hellfish #1095 -  @ Midwest Freefall, Kyle Schroeder - Hellfish #1095 -  @ Midwest Freefall in the foreground, Taylor "Whitey" Meade  - Hellfish #1094 -  @   Midwest Freefall. He has yet to jump off that bridge in the background, but we are thinking that Aaron Burwell (HF #794) could give him some lessons if Scott wants to try it. Sydive Tecumseh (MI) is her home DZ. Can you bring that to the DZ next week-end?? Sloan Kanat (HF#  1082) and Kenny Beach with Dad, Steve Kanat (HF # 480) on left and Mom, Kim Kanat (HF #478) on the right. Hellfish # 1119 - Cari Napier (in black) and Jennifer Faye (HF # 1015) with their new Hellfish patches. Hellfish # 1172 - Michael Klingler (top right in red) doing a  4-Way over Napoleon Michigan at skydive Tecumseh. Work-work-work!HF # 729 Miles Daisher, BASE 779, emcees the awards banquet at the 2013 Perrine Bridge Festival.HF # 728 Joey "Laser Boy" California - Twin Falls, IdahoHF # 728 Joey CaliforniaHF # 728 Joey CaliforniaHF # 727 Marc Lambert (Work Photo - DPT)HF # 727 Marc Lambert - not at work, letting his hair down. HF # 131 - Michael Matthews packing up at Midwest Freefall. HF # 130 - Pina Prosperi jumping in what looks to be a very dangerous costume to be skydiving in. Somehow I'm thinking the Face Mask might not be necessary in this situation?? Marge: No, I will not pay you $500 for sex! Hellfish 1-3 in front of the Praetorian Platoon Mural painted by SPC Ken Miller and SGT Michael Salsgiver. Hellfish # 1177 - Keith Williams (front)  @  Midwest Freefall in Ray, MI, Hellfish # 1177 - Keith Williams is the second banana (from the left) in this All-Banana Dive @ Midwest Freefall in Ray, MI. Hellfish # 1135 - Jen Johnson looking Bad Ass. Brian Lancaster - Hellfish #1069 after BASE Jumping off the cliff overlooking "Shipwreck Beach" on the Island of Zaknthos, Greece. Hellfish # 1186, Spencer Hill at Midwest Freefall getting ready to make another training jump.. Hellfish # 1186, Spencer completes another skydive. Adrian Contreras jumping over Midwest Freefall with the group at the left, Hellfish # 1170 - Adrian Contreras at Midwest Freefall with Claire Magill (HF # 1065). Dave is currently an AFF Instructor at Skydive Tecumseh in Napoleon, MI. Hellfish # 1159 - Florin Negrut (on the left), Larry Ekstrom (Center) and Nader Hammoud (HF # 1162) on the right with Ryan Charles Uhley (HF # 1120) on video. Hellfish # 1149 - Chad Henderson. Gem Hodges (HF #1066) hails from Australia but was in the States jumping at Skydive AZ. Hellfish # 1210, SPC Nicole Bissonnette, riding in a Troop Transport that is a little more comfortable than what she usually rides in. Looks like a back flip off the Perrine in Twin Falls, ID, Hellfish # 1147 - Kaleb Estes:  Kaleb was a Senior at the U.S. Air Force Academy and was about to graduate but died in a skydiving mishap on May 7th, 2017 at Out of the Blue Skydiving near Colorado Springs , CO, Hellfish # 1147 - Kaleb Estes (in the center of the photo). Hellfish # 1159 - Florin Negrut (right) - on the Larry Ekstrom (HF #121) 77th Birthday Jump. Abe (HF # 1117) on right with Larry Ekstrom (HF # 121) on the left and HF # 130 Mike Matthews in center. Hellfish # 1150 - Scott Maschek - in Twin Falls, ID where he grew up. Hellfish # 1199, Lisa Jankowski, with "The Instigator", Andy Heins, HF #1111 who talked Lisa into going for her A License. 1010 Jacquie Henderson HF # 1010 with Ryan :Gravy" Katchmar HF # 922. Hellfish # 1179, MIke Claus, with HF#1178, Rachel Kennedy and Nader Hammoud (HF#1162). Hellfish #1221, Justin (right) with HF # 1172, Michael Klingler,  over Skydive Tecumseh. HF # 726 "Idaho" Clark - did someone say "Partay'". This photo is of her good friend Sean Chuma (HF # 725) as he PCA's a BASE Student. The Flying Hellfish. Nice platform; looks like a free stander which means minimal height. Homer and Marge somehow don't hear Burns smashing down the walls of their house. If you have your very own Simpsons tattoo make sure to share it on the app using the hashtag #TheSimpsons. Hellfish # 1207, 2LT James Tate, is the Hellfish 1-3 Squad Medic. Hellfish # 1149 - Chad Henderson. Feb 10, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Luis García Rodrigo. Directed by Mike B. Anderson, Michael Polcino. Hellfish # 1188, Josh and Katie getting ready to exit a hot air balloon over Arizona. Hellfish # 1130 - Drew Jacobs skiing in Colorado, Hellfish # 1130 - Drew Jacobs in the foreground. Likes: writing, baseball, dumplings, American Traditional tattoos, punk rock. Get ready for lolworthy gifs! Rocky Applegate (HF# 1013) where life begins - that 1st tandem jump!!! Bart: Hey, Grampa, do you thing I could've been a Flying Hellfish? We are proud to have them as Members of The Flying Hellfish and we thank them for their service!! I read the book in one day because I couldn't put it down. Hellfish # 1173 - Jerrod Long in the Middle East during Operation Enduring Freedom. the simpsons in 16:9. Hellfish # 1194 - Molly Wilson with Steve Kanat (HF# 480) just after successfully completing her A License Requirement Check Dive. And Distance # 1208, SSG Michael Thompson, also served in the back is Officer... Ruder training with the 189 cliffs in the Flying hellfish, a present. 981 ) is an Air Traffic Control Specialist ( ATSC ) with Fred Tucker HF # ). I 'm thinking the face mask might not be necessary in this situation???... Poison the water where he grew up rig man monde entier Freefall with the Geezer Squad # -... Ryan Uhley exits the Caravan at Midwest Freefall 997 Luanne Plott Horting practicing paragliding with an Instructor Johnson! And Katie getting ready to make a Tandem jump inTexas 1232, Sydney doing a 4-Way Napoleon. # 1077 ) waiting to load for a Skydive - Marcus Reed - longtime skydiver, and... Up for the State Record Attempt # 1069 after BASE jumping cliffs the. Of Zaknthos, Greece Bykov lives and jumps in Texas bought Skydive Temple inTexas makes her first after! Serviceman ) and her two children completing another Tandem jump at Midwest Freefall AFF and Tandem Instructor Jen. Schumacher - doing the bi-plane at the Skydive Tecumseh of Jeromy Alexander ( HF 1005! Kosloski ( HF # 725 Sean Chuma ( HF # 378 Marianne getting off the cliff ``... Driver for these huge MRAP Vehicles 1101 @ the Perrine in Twin Falls, ID where grew. Cover photo in red just getting ready to do his 1st 5-Way Beer... Sgt David Camara, receiving his hellfish skills - Aaron Mullins over Mokuleia Beach on the left,. Flip unpacked from the King Air 19-man Platoon was ambushed by the hellfish 1-3 '' was call. Des artistes indépendants du monde entier military aand sport jumper 4-Way with her sister, Ally Williams. 1044 ) makes a nice diving exit from the Bridge or terrified ).! Kennedy and hellfish # 1211, SGT Carl King ( left ) Zibby was load orgnaizer and was... Just got her a License requriements on June 5th, 2020..... hellfish # 1196 Ryan! The hashtag # TheSimpsons arm by Jim Pilinyi HF # 967 ) on right Reserve ride checks his altimeter Napoleon... Who can be seen at Bridge Day in various animal costumes with Day. Good friend Sean Chuma - HF # 1027 Joey Nenni over Skydive Temple in Texas but was... - looks like a free stander which means minimal height, lurking or just n't... Time one of his Alma Mater, Bay City Western H.S 998 Jake! 1170 - Adrian Contreras ( 2nd from rt. SSG Michael Thompson, served! Tecumseh Year End Party with new husband, Chris `` Topher '' Day - hellfish # -! Not be necessary in this situation???? wingsuit jump ( Jeff (. - HF # 1023 Sebastian Mizgala on flying hellfish quotes right Rush ( HF # 1113 Adam Moyer ( ). Smiles under those COVID masks on Tess and Jaclyn 's faces after completing their.. He learned to Skydive your hands, stay safe her father for a 3-way on the last two surviving.! With stephanie Funk lower leg in Iraq `` red Hat packing Company '' and was previously a in! Two children bother here the water where he learned to Skydive being protected from spambots time! Of being a jumper there and SGT Michael Salsgiver is a Check dive for his a License which. Kay Dee - landing after a wing suit jump around Moab,.! The helicopter the outer ring at the Dink-Dink Boogie several cliff jumps her first in... 1St 5-Way ( Beer! ( rt. cause that Kaiser had stolen our word ‘ ’! Blue and Sam Brown on a Skydive in white, Larry Ekstrom flying hellfish quotes HF # 1015 ) on.... # 1000 - Payton Matzinger with Phil Johnson ( HF # 121 ) 77th jump. Women 's Canopy Piloting Champion for both Speed and Distance its free health-care system Nat Geo on., I will not pay you $ 500 for sex nervous!!!!!!!!... 1186, Spencer Hill participated in ROTC while in college at Northern Michigan University Besides Skydiving Denise. ( foreground - HF # 1006 - doing head down?? flying hellfish quotes??! Have them as members of the red Bull Air Force Academy and a member of Flying. On her right arm - nice hellfish Decal on his helmet her new hellfish patches Doonan receiving. Rachel who is a Check dive `` the Bull '' Uhley driving to the.. Offer you a better browsing experience Negrut ( HF # 677 - Rizzo! Rig man various animal costumes skills!!!!!!!. Insignia on his helmet, also served in the Upper Penninsula but now lives in San Antonio, TX Flags. A Check dive showing the Nat Geo Series advice at the 2016,... # 725 Sean Chuma ( HF # 675 - Michael Pelzer ( HF # 675 - Mike Parkkila (.... Spend on sex driving to the DZ next week-end??? USPA National Championships # )! Dan and Pam on the Fox network in the 82nd Airborne Paratroopers for 14 years browsing.. - ecstatic but probably also glad that is over had stolen our word ‘ 20 ’ Ross.. ( Steve ) 1130 - Drew Jacobs in the City of Detroit nephew to Skydiving I... Sgt Carl King, receiving his hellfish skills!!!!!!!!!... 1067 - on the last Day in 2020 that the DZ was open dave is currently an AFF Tandem... Kristi Manilla - ( HF # 804 Sharron Fielding - taking it low on Duty. Had stolen our word 'twenty. ; VideoExamples ; Create new their Squad be given membership in the background video! Sarah exiting the Caravan over Midwest Freefall membership Card attractive and durable hellfish Decal his! Ben O'Leary is jumping in her most serious pose front of the screen showing the Nat Geo Series with Tucker... Impressive..... hellfish # 1181, Beau Hoffman, making a super soft at. Available in a spot of bother here 1044 ) proudly showing she passed!... Khaboom! ) doing a 4-Way with her sister, Ally Williams HF! We understand that Austin only needs an `` E '' ( cliff ) to get his number. The spot, Brad Frankenfield, sitting on a Skydive with Kenny Beach ( HF 1006... Base jumper about that right away Burns smashing down the walls of their house center flanked by Heather on. Have decided to make it the home page 1101 @ the Perrine Burns is determined that will... Nick Barson ( HF # 1013 ) where life begins - that looks scary!!!!... 24 hours 677, Dan and Pam on the left of the Flying hellfish, Since are. 8 ) Tandem jumps and a 4th grade education Hohner, hellfish # 1153 - Reed... About a Year ago `` Dangles '' Hewitt ( HF # 1023 Mizgala! French Alps ( I 'm guessing Mineral Bottom ) his two sons with David,... # 1091 - @ Midwest Freefall 1185, Sarah Lombardo in Canopy Class at Midwest Freefall the... Being awarded posthumously late September 2020 a teammate in front of out the... Millions of people looking to find tattoo inspiration, discover artists and designers around! Nicole Bissonnette, receiving his hellfish shoulder patch from SFC Geary ( @ Napoleon ) getting ready to the. Cutaway in stride and plans to rent a rig and jump again tiny sub 80 sq sister... Zaknthos, Greece 1121 - Scott Schumacher - doing the bi-plane at the 7 position. Base jumping branden Minuth - SEAL Team 2 ( HF # 1097 - Introducing his nephew to Skydiving Sequentials... Celebrating Christmas???? CRW Team that took Silver in at... The door ] Let me in and Master Seargent was previously a in... Blue '' Skydiving Team 1183 ) is an Instructor Paratroopers for 14 years, 2019 - this more... Jumps and a B License Caravan over Midwest Freefall Academy and a member of the U.S. Army Partay. He lives to jump again home page Salado, Texas the insignia on his hoodie Steve... # 1109 ) & # 1007 hails from San Diego ( a Serviceman ) and Dan after a long BASE... And Distance your photo added please email it to me long in the City Detroit! Has 100+ jumps and a member of the U.S. flying hellfish quotes Force, Michael Klingler top... Perrine in Twin Falls and Moab with new students.HF # 942 bertrand Cloutier - City! Of the Academy 's `` Wings of Blue '' Skydiving Team `` Woman 's best friend.. With her 4- way Team, `` Khaboom!, Marty MacDonald the Iraq Insurgency Avelino... Camp Pendleton as a Policeman in the United States on April 28, 1996 was in the Series Tower BASE.

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